Scott's Vermont Title/Registration Service?


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Is Mr Scott still doing these little DMV workarounds? Last I remember I got an untitled bike a title eventually for about $200


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You can do this yourself pretty easily. Vermont has no shame in taking your money and providing you a registration for your untitled vehicle. I'd call them and make sure you have the most up to date form and are using the correct valuation for calculating the transfer fee. Since Vermont doesn't title older motorcycles your home state should not mind when you turn around and transfer it to yourself to get a clean title.


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Yep do it yourself.
Anything under 250CC is dable through vermont.


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Go online get the forms and do it yourself. I did it and figured it would be about $90. Vermont sent me a refund and the total was $48!


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I do it all the time- just did it last month. The only thing that is a pain, is getting the VIN verification form completed. You have to take the form, and your bike to a local Police Dept and have them sign it. Also, a new requirement is that you also have to have that police department generate a letter stating that the officer who did the inspection works in law enforcement. It also has to be on their letterhead. For me, that part was easy. I called the local sheriff department and they sent an deputy directly to my house for the inspection. It doesn't have to be a full bike - this most recent time I only had a frame for them to inspect.

After you get the vermont stuff, you can either transfer to your own state, or you can drive as is. Usually i would transfer, but this go-around I am leaving the vermont plates on the bike and will drive it.

I think this recent time around it only cost me like $60, and that included plates.

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