scramblerish CL350


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Did a little assembly work on my 71? CL350 yesterday. Utilizing Amateur Powers I welded in a decent steel plate to stiffen the rear of the frame some and facilitate mounting of a kz650 rear fender. Fender was laying around from another project and turned out just right on the CL.

Engine has new 64?mm pistons and head rebuild with multi angle valve jobby. Got that thing all back together yesterday and mounted.

Front suspension is 71 CB500. Robbed this from another project too. With powder coated wheels. (did this the lazy way... poweder coated complete assembly after truing... if i need to adjust any spokes later it may mess up some of the coating but only at the nips.)

Of all my bikes this one gets me excited most. I purchased it last year with 60 psi compression and a stuck timing advancer so needless to say it had no power but the lightness and handling are unlike the other heavy old bikes. flicks like the hypermotard but doesn't try to bite you for a mistake.

Mikuni carbs, Pamco ignition, and a custom 2-1 Stainless exhaust with Cone Engineering's quieter core (not that quiet).

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Cool, I like this little twin.

Never thought about powder coating the entire wheel that way.

I'm working on a 350 twin myself, just trying to do it as cheaply as I can.

Been scanning all the places looking for deals and steals.
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