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PROMOTE YOUR BIKE! Post up in this thread your notes, photos, bribes, pics of nekkid people on your bikes (I prefer women, but hey, whatever floats your boat is good with me) etc.

Bribes are perfectly legit. One vote per registered member.


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Okay. I bought Dolores in pretty stock trim from my wife's cousin. Then I found cafe racers and DoTheTon. I immediately knew that DTT was THE place for me to learn about cafe racers and build mine. I started modifying her slowly, just building parts and trying stuff out. My buddy Brandon (Twisted) got involved somewhere around here. I wanted to tear the bike down and build her in a whirlwind of nights spent wrenching and cussing! Brandon and I grew up together and we've always worked on stuff together. We even lived together for a while in the bachelor days and owned a flooring business together for a few years. Anyway we built the bike pretty quickly. Brandon and I built the boat motor seat during this time. This was her orange period. Truth be told I prefer it to the green that she's wearing currently.

I went into another rebuild a few months ago. This is when I did the knee dents, the tach elimination, the ignition relocation, the guage bracket, and the shaved top triple clamp. I was rushing to get her done for a show and ending up painting her with Rustoleum pea green. Twisted laid the paint beautifully. She took second in her class behind a museum quality restored triumph cub.





This bike is a product of DoTheTon. Without this forum this bike wouldn't have been built. I've made lots of friends here and I've tried to give back experience and help to the forum. Dolores is back up and running as of this afternoon. She'll get painted again before Barber and a few other things done to her.
Hand built parts:
Seat and cowl from outboard motor, some fiberglass, some steel, an old sea-doo seat, and some vinyl
Tag bracket made from stainless steel scrap and speed drilled.
Guage bracket made of 1/4 plate aluminum.
Ignition plate also made of 1/4 plate aluminum.
Headlight ears made out of a piece of aluminum C-chanel (Stole the design from Twisted)
Modified stock parts:
The top triple clamp is a stock unit that I shaved down with a grinder and file.
The levers are stock units with the ends ground off and holes drilled throughout.
The shifter is also drilled.
Everything has been repainted and/or modified in some way
The shocks are cb900f units that I scored for $20.00 shipped and repainted.
Big thanks to everyone here on the dotheton who motivated me and contributed to this build in whatever way. This is my first project bike. Including purchase price I've got just over $1500 in her. She's my baby and I'll never sell her. If I get tired of her I'll just follow Troy's example and rebuild her into something new.


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It's an honor to be in the running for BOTM and congrats to the other guys for being nominated! It is always nice to see that other people appreciate all of the hard work put into our projects.

The bike hadn't ran for quite awhile when I got it, but after cleaning the carbs, new fuel line, and some gas she fired right up... to about 10grand. Seems someone had turned the idle screws in all the way somewhere along the line. After freaking out for what seemed like forever trying to get it shut off (since of course the key switch and kill switch were both broken) I grounded out the dangling wire from the kill switch. Yeah, she was a beaut... but eventually I decided to turn it into something I could be proud of.

As for the build, I always try to do as much as I possibly can by myself in order to conserve funds for my other projects. The tail section is a modified CBR 1000RR tail from my buddy's bike, that I saw him wreck while in a wheelie. I stripped her to the bare frame, shaved anything that was unneeded and cut and chopped on the stock electrical brackets to get them to fit where I wanted them. The gas cap I found in the trash at the Buell liquidation sale... cut a big hole in the tank and welded in some sheet metal so it would bolt on. The intake is made of plumbing ABS bought at Lowes (a little tip for everyone: Acetone will melt ABS. So you can use it to blend joints and sanding marks out). I made the pipes using some of the original pipe (mainly the header tube and some internal parts), some sheet metal rolled into cones and chambers, and a couple sections of exhaust pipe from Autozone. The paint is a mixture of duplicolor and some PPG I had laying around for the last 5 years. Sprayed it in my friend's garage (thanks again Rebellion Ind).

I guess those are all the main things; you can check out the build thread for more info.

Here are some shots I just took this evening:





<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket" style="width: 160px;"></a>

Thanks again and good luck guys!


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Stout, those chambers are sick! Aftermarket? Custom? I want some ;D


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Woah... I must of missed this - I was our riding! Haha... didn't even vote for myself! Oh well... guess I'll just have to build another one!

Congrats to Stout, that RD250 is truly bitchin'. You deserve it.

Thanks to everyone who voted for my bike. I love it, and I'm glad you guys do too.

- Woody
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