Simple TS185 12v conversion. Will it work with this diagram?


Gold Coast, Queensland
Ok so I am looking at swapping my TS185 electrical system over to 12v, from what I understand if I replace the Reg and Rec with a modern 12v combo I should be right.
I have drawn up this simple diagram in hopes it can be checked over and more electrical inclined minds can tell me if it will work or not.
I am going to leave the ignition system as 6v as the TS has no need for a battery to run, it is purely for lighting.

Anyway here is what I have come up with



New Member
Hi Brodie,

Mate I've searched the internet all over and have found your diagram the best. Just want to ask if it actually worked or if you needed to make an update to it which isn't on here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have my TS185 ready to be put back together again - like you - 6v for running and 12v for lights.

Thanks again



Gold Coast, Queensland
Hi Ernie,

I ended up selling the bike before testing if this worked or not.

What I would recommend is having a chat to Sonreir and checking out his 6v to 12v converter.

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