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Hey guys,

I am looking for a simplified wiring diagram for the '84 Yamaha XJ600. I have a low-res copy of the complete wiring diagram but it is hard to read some and impossible to read the small print. If any one has a link to a hi-res copy of the diagram that would be awesome!

I plan to rewire the bike and relocate/simplify it as much as possible. I need to keep the horn, headlight, tail light and turn signals. I plan to eliminate the side stand switch, neutral switch, oil level switch, any unnecessary relays that go with those.

Thanks for the help guys!


Although I haven't looked for certain, you can probably use the diagram from an XJ650 or XJ750. Similar bikes from the same make tend to have more in common than not when it comes to wiring.

95% of the time, a manufacturer uses a certain color of wire for each component across all of their models.

For instance, Yamaha uses yellow for brake light, blue for running light, black for ground, blue/white and red/white for starter solenoid, etc...


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Thanks for the tip Sonreir! I have found a PDF copy of the owners manual and am studying the low-res diagrams for now.

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