SIMPSON BANDIT HELMETS... The new Cafe Racer must??!!...


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Elnogue said:
It's the first time I see that kind of helmet!!!
Here in Spain they doesn't exist!

If i Have one white I think I'd like to paint on the Starwars stormtrooper way....

And after a bought a speedster flying bike!
where in spain are you from.


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Elnogue said:
I´m from Zaragoza, a city between Madrid and Barcelona. U know Spain?

yea, i knew a girl from Barcelona, her name was yolander, im from the UK now in california, ive been to Mallorca a few times.


Is that the best you got? OK.. now my TURN...
Elnogue said:
I´m from Zaragoza, a city between Madrid and Barcelona. U know Spain?


Ola... I lived in Barbastro, teaching english for 2 months back in highschool...
I took a train from LaCoruna to Zaragoza on my way to Barbastro!!...
I love Spain!!


Now with improved crunchy action!
Not a new Simpson Bandit. But new nonetheless.



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Ontario Cycle Salvage has these Bandit copies for $124.00 for those of us who can't stretch the budget for a Simpson.


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Simpsons not only look good, they're super high quality. If you can't flex for a new bandit, check around on ebay for a slightly used one. I've seen them go for <$100.


'78 CX500 Cafe Racer, I don't get it? ???

What's the fuss over these 'Terminator-style' helmets? Maybe it's just me but give me the good old half helmet/skid lid or even a cool open face anytime. Yeah, yeah, i here those of you saying...." :'( But what about the rest of my face if I come off?"........that's easy.......don't come off :D

I'm also a fan of nostalgia too and you just can't ride a classic-styled Cafe without the right looking gear as well. Ya wanna wear that style helmet, best get some futuristic SuperBike instead....hehehe.

Hey, it's all good though!


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I felt the same way about them at first...but changed my view once I actually saw them. Strangely, they go really well with the cafe look.

And then there's this...


Or if Lou Reed isn't your thing...



'78 CX500 Cafe Racer
:D ...sorry Represto. Still not convincing me, still looks like a something I should be wearing to a 'Star Wars' convention ;D

Think I'll stick with my half lid on special rides.


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they look futuristic, yet haven't really changed since they started making them.. lol

i think they look retro, honestly. not cafe, but retro.


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Having lived bikes for many years, the Bandit's remind me of the late 70's - 80's! That, of course, places them after the cafe era.

They do, however, have that 'bad boy/rebel' look that seems to fit the Cafe Image. For that reason, I kinda like wearing mine when I ride my H2 Cafe! ;D

It's that same look that makes them so popular with the Superbike and Streetfighter crowd too. We've seen other companies developing there own 'Bandit style' helmets as well. Craft and Roof come to mind. I actually own a Craft Rxx3 Barracuda in flat black with a black tinted visor. It looks cool, but doesn't measure up to the original, IMO! ;D ;D

I love the retro 1/2 helmet, open face, goggles look, but I can't bring myself to wear one! I just feel a little too naked! :eek: Oh well!

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