Single rail trailer for behind the family car.

advCo said:
How do I order one of these? ;D

Go to this website and buy one (like I probably would've been better off doing myself at this point hahaha)
Ugh, to many projects, to little time. I did however end up with a few extra minutes today to get a couple things done. I whipped up a couple tail light/ turn signal mounts up to mount behind the fenders. The left one also holds and lights up the license plate. I also added my rear tie down points.

Left to do before paint are:

- tongue jack
- safety chains
- wiring mounts

I feel like I've said this several times here, but soon... soon it will be done.

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This looks like crap. It’s going to fall apart hauling a z50 Monkey.

That being said I would use that all day long. I dig the heck out of this scooter mover.
Someone in a fox body mustang ran right into the left tail light on my HF trailer while I was at a show. Plastered it. The good news was that HF has single (left or right) LED tail light replacements! Just ~$10 damage. A couple fewer LEDs, but matches up great. Kinda ticked me off that a) he just pulled on and didn't even leave a note, and b) I didn't get the chance to back into something to wipe out the first one. Keep the singles in mind, because trailer tail lights seem to be at risk!
The to do list is growing shorter all the time. I welded in a few more gussets in the front corner of the frame, and I also finished off the top of the 11ga side gussets with 5/8 o.d. tubing. This was only slightly for structural rigidity and moreso to keep myself from meat clevering a chunk outta my leg in the happenstance that I fall on it. I also shortened the tie down arms about 9" per side. They were really out there farther than need be, so I figured this may save my shins a bit.






Re: Single rail trailer for behind the family car.

Today i did the last assembly mock up before getting torn down and going in the paint both first thing next week.

I decided on putting a jack mount on both sides of the axle. If I get a flat, ill just pull the pin on the tongue jack and put it on the axle while its still hooked to the vehicle. This will save me having to carry an extra jack.



Hurco550 said:
Haha yeah, but I look at that yours and realize that I built mine a bit over complicated and heavier than need be.

Over complicated? No, I don't think so, just very nicely done. I know that sometimes I say, "Just because you can doesn't mean that you should." In this case that doesn't apply. You can, you did, and did it right. Well done, my friend, well done!
Re: Single rail trailer for behind the family car.

Did I say I was done with fab? I lied. To y'all and myself lol. I capped off every other opening on this trailer in order to keep both water and stingy things out, and I couldn't stand to leave the underside of the rungs on the ramp open. I made these triangle caps and welded them in. Now the fab IS as done as its going to be. Its in the paint booth and hopefully it'll get shot early next week!




ridesolo said:
Painted yet?

Well.... Yes.

Having the students here at the school paint it. Evidently one of the kids missed a step and the last coat went on really badly. They are sanding it down now to re shoot the final coat. Not a big deal. They are here to learn. Still probably a better job than i could do.
Got the main frame home from the paint booth. I've gotta stop and buy all the final grade 8 bolts to put it together, wire it up and pull it 8 hrs to a big brown mountain dirtbike ride in a couple weeks.

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Got the main frame home from the paint booth. I've gotta stop and buy all the final grade 8 bolts to put it together, wire it up and pull it 8 hrs to a big brown mountain dirtbike ride in a couple weeks.

How about if you assemble all those pieces, drag it up here, and we'll get the wiring done? Trailer wiring is pretty simple, and we can git-r-done (nicely, not hacked) in very short order.
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