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Hiya, another year, another MOT and another summer tootling about on the Skyteam Ace. Does anyone else still ride these or am I the last of a dying bread?
MOT required new rear wheel bearings and new cush drives. Not an easy job either of them. If anyone is still here I could go through the process, the disasters and the triumphs. It's probably the same for many small Chinese clone bikes and of course the CG 125 on which they are based.
Is there anybody there?
You might not be the last Skyteam Ace rider out there! While the popularity of these bikes might not be on par with major manufacturers, there's definitely a community of riders who appreciate them. If you're willing to share your experience with the MOT process, new wheel bearings, and cush drives, it could be valuable information for other Skyteam Ace riders, especially those maintaining similar Chinese clone bikes.
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Hiya coperlio. Sorry for the delay in replying to you, I've been out of touch for a while. Back again now though. Thanks for the encouragement on documenting the repair process. I'm sure it is relevant for many Chinese clone bikes, they have many similarities and share many of the same weaknesses. I have written a post on what I did in the Skyteam Ace Resource thread #2658 :
I hope that link works. I'm quite new to forum life and not sure what the etiquette is, but I don't think there is any point in copying a post from elsewhere. The Skyteam Ace Resource is a great thread with lots of good info and well worth the read (it is quite long though).
Next job is trying to source rear wheel seals and check the tappets. There is a very annoying ticking noise from the top of the engine, which I believe to be overly loose/gappy tappets. I might write that up as well. I believe ticking tappets is another common cg125 and clone problem, indeed almost all push rod engines tend to have that issue and need to be checked regularly. Just the nature of the beast.
Aside from the Ace, I'm also trying to get an Enfield back in the road after sitting neglected for nearly 10 years. Lots of rust and perished rubber to deal with.
Anyway, plenty to keep me going.
Let me know if there's any interest in tappet fettling and I can do a post on that.
Yep .... Still thrashing around here in Brisbane Australia on my Ace known as the "chondasaki"


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