Skyteam Ace 125 - not registering the key?


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Hey everyone, my ace 125 is giving me trouble. What has happened is the ignition switch started acting up and wouldn’t turn the bike on when the key was switched to on. I had a look and noticed the wire wasn’t attached properly so I soldered it on which worked for a bit, but the night before selling the bike it came out again. This time soldering it on didn’t work out as the wire was broken in 2 places so I have replaced the ignition system and it didn’t turn on. Run starting the bike works fine, and once it is started, turning the key to the off position turns the bike off so I imagine it can’t be the key but something else resulting in the bike not registering the key is switched to on. Can someone give a suggestion to what could be causing this? Could it be the ignition coil or the start relay?


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The most obvious thing would be perhaps that the new ignition system is wired differently? I'd check the voltages there first. I had a similar, not starting but bump starting and it turned out just to be the fuse contacts had loosened and weren't making contact...a fairly common problem seems to be grounds also but I'd try to trace the 12v back from the battery first and see how far you get

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Thanks for the replay r4g5, I traced the current (or lack of) back to find the fuse was blown next to the battery, so I replaced it with the spare

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