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Hi all I’m new to the forum and I wanted to get a ace125 but all the dealers I have contacted have said they can’t get them in the UK anymore!
Do any of you know how I can get one?


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Hi, yeah I heard this on the Facebook group page too...apparently the old beastie doesn't meet the new emissions guidelines?
There are a few 2nd hand ones knocking about, currently 2 125cc and a 50cc on eBay...or join the facebook group, they pop up there sometimes too.
You could check other euro dealers to see if they have any still in stock if you really want new? No idea about import taxes etc though, maybe not worth it.
Or you could get an actual Honda and put an ace tank/seat on it.
There was also talk on Facebook that skyteam might release the ace as a 250 efi but I really don't know if this is true or just wishful thinking.
To sum up, got a bit long, probably 2nd hand is your best bet

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