Sleek & Sexy CL360 FINISHED (mostly)


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So as I mentioned in my build thread-- this isn't 100% completed. I've still got a couple of little things to finish up over the next week before she's on the road, and then some stuff to do over the summer. But cosmetically, this is basically it... enjoy!








What can I say, I love it!

So glad you chose to stick with the stock paint on the tank, the clear really makes it pop. I love the seat, and would love to do something like that on my KZ perhaps. Just very clean and simple I must say.

Great work!
Very very nice!
The seat makes it look somewhat like a dragonfly, which is pretty cool. Pretty much looks Sleek & ButtSexy!
Killer man!! I love this build. You did an excellant job man. The tank looks tits with all that black!!
amazing job! amazing!!! man... everyones bikes are done and mine is not even off the F'n TABLE! ahhh!
i like the headlight and the tail... where did you get the headlight? and can you take a close up of the tail light bracket you made? its SHARP!
I REALLY dig that bike . Love minimallist . Just needs the the Honda badges and a fork brace if any critiques are called for . Very cool . ;)
Thanks for the nice words, everybody. Fork brace of some kind will be going on soon and I'm hoping for some birthday funds to order new emblems. Hoping to be on the road by this weekend, if all goes well at the shop.
This really is one of the nicest bikes on this forum. I'm extremely impressed and can find fault in nothing. The taillight came out increadible. Well done!

I'd like to see some riding pics as well.

It should make it out on the road sometime next week and there will definietly be a good rolling photoshoot to follow...
Thanks again, everyone.

Chris-- thanks, man. If you saw the bike in person, you'd definitely find some faults! There's so much I would have done differently if I had more time and cash. All of the paint would have been powdered, I would have real rearsets done by now, the taillight would be smaller, the wheels would've been powdered, the seat would've been flatter, I wouldn't have painted the exhuast wrap, etc. etc. I guess I can just take my time and spend more money on the next build!

The bike is running fine, but had an issue with the clutch so I haven't ridden it yet. And I'm putting JC Whitney baffles on to cut down on the LOUD popping/raspy noise, and to help my legs not blister from the exhaust. With any luck, I'll be on the road for sure this time next week.
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