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Hi All,

I'm just wondering if someone could help me out with figuring out a replacement for a missing part. It's a part of my rearsets for my Honda Cx500C from Slipstream Cycle Works and I can’t use my rear brakes without it.

My workspace is a little weird as I don't have a garage, and basically it fell through a crack in the wood where I was working and I lost it. It's a brake cable end for my rear brakes, and since there is a different type of cable used I can't use my original part.

Not sure what it's called so I can't figure out where to look. I contacted Jarred from Slipstream to get a replacement and he originally said he would send me another, but I haven't heard back and so need to find the part another way. Does anyone know what I could use to connect these two points? I am comfortable working on my bike but don't want to just hack something together for the brakes.




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What is the dimensions of your your bike for :
diameter of the hole in your brake arm ?
WIdth across the brake arm (outside)?
Diameter of the cable nipple?
Diameter of the cable?

One of us may have a spare that might work if we know what size to look for


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Okay I got the dimensions, they are:

Hole in brake arm - 12mm (1/2 in)
Width across brake arm - 25mm (1 in)
Diameter of cable nipple - 8mm (5/16 in)
Cable - 3mm (1/8 in)


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That's quite large. Check on ebay but you may be quicker and cheaper to buy a short length of 1/2" steel rod and cut a piece to length and cross drill it.

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Check out Venhill. They should have plenty of parts to build the proper setup, or just get the barrel nipple.

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