small 2 stroke honda h100 cafe and suzuki gp

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ebay agn ::) for the pipe mate . your h100 looks really good looks 100 time better than mine when i got it.
whats your plans for it ?
i got side panels and air box you can have for free if you cover the post if you need them
Re: small stroker honda h100 cafe

ok ill have a look. i plan on doing what youve done really. but i dont think i have the patience to polish my engine. i stripped it down so i could clean all the gunk with some thiners, so i took my airbox and pannels off. thanks for the offer though :)
Re: small stroker honda h100 cafe

small bits sorted laced the wheel for the gp


made a oil pump blanking plate haha


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got my new carb sorted from a kx 125 even used the carb boot but took lots of moding to get it right just wating for a new 4 reed block and then ill sort the jeting should work well with the intake ported to the limit

Re: small stroker honda h100 cafe

your going a bit overboard with the sharpie :D :D ;) ;)
sorted a front hub for the honda really could not fined any thing much bigger as they are geting harder to get hold of in the uk and costs going up :'( so i had to make do with this... its no twin leader ;D but i thort the bigger the heaver :( so small is light :D and no need in a huge drum to stop such a light bike . i would say the tinny stock brake is up to the job but did some work on this one come out ok going to make a brake scoop to . any one no how to work out spoke sizes?


you are the remover of material. i never would have thought to speedhole the brake shoes. looks good.
the spoke hole cuts are with a lath and the bigger cooling holes with a hole cutter and filed out to the size i was after.
then dressed with a dremmel with sanding drums . if you dont have a lath to cut the outer spoke cuts i gess you could use a drill press with a hole cutter in as long as the hub is bolted down very well as when i did my first hub i got chatter from the hub and could not get a nice clean cut . i had to bolt the hub down very tight but once bolted down well worked fine hope this helps
yea there is lots of moding to the manifold tho. all so you will need a cr 80 reed block as the stock one was not up to the job but if there is no crazzy motor mods you will be best sitcking with stock carb but i only got about 1 week riding it befor some fool on his phone pulled out on me with out looking at all :mad: and looks like the bike is a wright off i am gutted :( so i might have some parts going cheap once i fined out race wheels with alloy rims ,carbs,pipe,even a rebuilt motor 130cc bore plus lots more :'(
about a week ago i have a broken finger dislocated my sholder, neck and back pain and swollon knees, i was very lucky but was only going about 30mph as i had all my gear on for a change so saved my skin but my lid is cracked in about 3 places but i am ok really just feel banged up
just pissed more about the bike as the the sun has been out for for the past week as it has been rain, snow, ice, for what seems like the past year and there motor was just about run in ready for some stick and i had a race event coming up witch will be missed :mad:
thanks guys ..... yea rebuild if i get the bike back after thay inspect it . but will have to be reframed or track only or ill be ok with a big pay out ;D ;D
3 cracks in the lid?! :eek: I'm glad you're okay. Be thankful you can still type without slurring your words.

When are people going to learn to put the goddamn phone away??!!

I actually saw a guy on a motorcycle talking on his phone last summer. I am not kidding.
I actually work with a guy who has a cup holder (with a bud light in it at all times), gps, cd player, and his cell all mounted on hid HD bagger. He also rides with no gear other than boots and sunglasses. Refuses to. Been riding for 40 years and never has. Amazing.
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