SOHC Carbs on DOHC ? CB750


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G'day Guys, I can source a set of SOHC Carbs a LOT easier than DOHC ones .... (a LOT cheaper too !)

I know i have the rebuild kits for the DOHC Ones, but would a set off a SOHC suit ?

I would have the added bonus of being able to run Pods much easier too !

Ideas ?


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I'm currently running a CB750F DOHC with CV Kiehlin carbs and pods, 4 in to 1 pipe with no baffles. I have yet to jet them or do anything but thourough cleaning in Pinesol, reassemble and ride, yes I have some after burn/popping when I'm decellerating but other than that all is well. I found the CV easier to teardown and clean than say the early Kiehlin with the rocker shaft controlling the slides.



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I don't think SOHC carbs will work for you. I think the spacing is different for one thing. I remember this question being asked on another forum. You shouldn't have any problems getting pods to work for you as mentioned in the previous post.


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This thread confuses me. Everyone I know that has jetted a DOHC with pods and a pipe has trouble getting it to run clean all across the range. I had that problem with my 900 and decided to fit the stock airbox - that fixed it. The late Leon Moss who knew more about carbs than the rest of us combined had real problems getting those things to work well. KAz Yoshima replaced the carbs.

I'm guessing that the difference is that those professionals were using a dyno and gas analysis and wanted to get it right, where sometimes people either don't notice the holes in the powerband or ride around them.


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Sweet, thanks !

Just found a set locally (He said they were good for parts, so hopefully they cleanup ok :) )


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