someone must own one of these


Coast to Coast

ok one of you brits must have a handle on one of these. how are they? I would buy one in a second if I could get it imported. I might have to black market one


i love couche tard
thats a pretty sweet bike, and ive never heard of that motorcycle company before. but for that price which roughly around 10,000 usd right? seems a bit pricey compared to building one for half the amount and still having bragging rights of being built by the owner.


i love couche tard
Hmm i thought it was more or less double the us currency, my mistake if you are right and i would have to agree with you, that is a reasonable price.


Been Around the Block
I was talking about the paid wage in the UK being similar to the paid wage in the US, not exchange rate.

IE if you make 12$ an hour here you would make ~12BPS in the UK, so while this bike would be way expensive to import it would be pretty reasonable if you were in the UK.


Been Around the Block
I'd rather a Core:


But I really want a Norton 961:


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