Soon to be a kat 600 fighter

I have been working on finishing up the front brakes and getting the hand controls back together. I decided to build some custom front brake lines using Galfer K7 universal lines. They are on order and should be in soon. I went with a double banjo at the master and one line for each caliper. After that is all set the bike is ready to ride again, once the snow is gone. I will have some wiring to finish up once I decide on a speedo, probably going with a Koso. I still have some "cosmetic" projects I want to work on, but there is no rush they can all be done once the bike is back on the road or even next winter. Look for some big updates in a couple of months!!
So after about 4 years she is finally back on the road!!

Over the past three months I have slowly been finishing up the remaining odds and ends to get the bike ready to ride. This past weekend I took the bike around the block and everything seemed good to go, I will take it out for a full trial once most of the sand is cleaned up from our brutal winter.

I still want to install a speedo, reshape the stock front fender, build a belly faring, and reshape the tank, but these will all eventually get done over the next year. The goal for the next couple of months is to ride the hell out of it and make sure it is ready for some longer trips planned at the end of summer.

Was that rear brake lever originally the other way around (going under the peg?) Looks like a nifty fix if that was the case! :)
Put the fork brace back on, it works great, really improves handling a noticeable amount

Picture of mine, that's stock brake lever and stock position. It's about 25~ 30mph faster with fairing fitted ;)
I think I am going to make a new fork brace I have a nice piece of 1/4" aluminum laying around that would be perfect. Plus it will give me an excuse to use the Bridgeport and exercise a part of my brain that doesn't get much use.

Hopefully being 30 mph slower will keep me out of trouble! ;D
LOL ;)
Yep, may do
I made a 5/8" thick brace then drilled/tapped it for brake hose crossover.
Looks real nice but so far I haven't completed the bike I was going to fit it on
GS500 twin front mudguard is 'slimmer', I chopped one down for the Katana forks on 360
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Thanks PJ. Is still haven't done anything with a front fender, so I will look into the GS fender.
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