Spin on filter, oil cooler addition.


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This took a lot of work, I had to modify the right side engine cover, machine up a new cover for the now gone strainer, machine a spin on filter mount, fabricate some new engine mounts to hold the mount, fabricate a mount for the cooler, machine up a few stainless fittings for the mod, plus a few other bits and pieces.

I mounted the right side cover on the pedestal, lined up the oil gallery, not easy as the gallery is at a different angle to the cover on three axis', drilled out the gallery to 10.8mm, tapped it to M12 x 1.25 for 40mm to cover the gallery to the old oil strainer, countersunk the top of the hole to allow for an O ring and inserted the stainless spigot I turned up.

Next I binned the strainer cover and machined up a new one. It took a bit of doing this part as there is a ridge midway and either side of the ridge had to be angled to follow the shape of the engine side cover. Rather than use an ugly screw in fitting, I spun up a stainless barb and shrunk it in place in the ridge.

Next came the spin on filter mount. I made this from a lump of 25mm ally, shaped it to the desired shape, drilled and tapped the side for mounting screws and the inlet. Then mounted it in the lathe to machine the oil gallery recess, once done I drilled a central hole for oil outlet. Then spun up a threaded piece on which to spin the filter, shrunk fit it into the housing, turned up a stainless, threaded barb, screwed it into the spin on filter threaded piece, sandwiching the filter mount between.

Some new engine mounts on which to mount the filter mount and oil cooler were then fabricated. The right one has been extended downward around 25mm for the filter mount and both have a protrusion at the front for the oil cooler.

The cooler bracket is just a flat piece of 3mm ally, the cooler mounts on top via four grommets and T nuts I spun up to stop the grommets being squished too much.. I had to cut some 10mm ally tube to fit between the cooler mounting fins also.

Last of all, I polished everything.

All the parts sat around for a while while I awaited the arrival of some AN fittings for the cooler. Damn expensive these things, $60 for two. When they arrived I mounted everything and linked everything with rubber hose.

Quite a big job this one, but all worked out well in the end and the system works well.


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