Spoke Length Calculator

Re: This needs a sticky somewhere

Bill , like I said I rarely if ever need it but when a partner in crime from another site offered it up I had to share . I usually save nearly everything from a tear down including spokes and nipples even if they are obviously never going to be used again just for length and bend reference . Just recently a neighbor was able to use spokes from two different bikes and a hub from another out of my junk pile to get back on the road . Took me 10 minutes to find the correct lengths via the app , three days for us to clean and re-plate , 20 minutes for me to lace it and another three days for him to true it ( I told him as I watched and laughed that i was no better at it than him ) .

Normally I just thewheelmaster.com and be done with it as I usually easily exceed the stock limits of a OEM wheel . Morrie and Jim just build the most indestructible , heavy duty , stainless steel spoked wheel I have ever seen , used , or abused .

If you use dial indicators you can see immediately the effect of 1/4 turn so makes things go real quick down to about 0.010"
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