Spotted: $750 CX500 north of San Francisco


Coast to Coast

30 miles north of SF, with title. A good deal, somebody get it:

The ad says: "Complete 1978 CX500, it's all there, nothing stripped off or missing, not a 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle in a series of unlabeled milk crates. My brother and I bought this for dad about 15 years ago. We split the case, changed the water pump mechanical seal, CDI module, rebuilt the carbs, rebuilt the brake MC and caliper, put Metzeler tires on, and had the forks rebuilt. BTW, we are professional mechanics, so everything was done right. My dad puted around on it a few times, and I probably put 20 miles on it. Now it's been sitting too long and needs the carbs and brake hydraulics redone. Handle bar got bonked, might be able to be straightened. Tires are still good. Parts are readily available and cheap. Overall bike is in clean shape. Could use some polish to shine. It's been on non-op since 2001, and title is in my name. Hate to sell, but dad isn't going to ride it, and I'm out of space. Comes with OEM service manual."
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