Gold Coast, Queensland
Thought we should get a spotted thread going. They seem to work on other forums for creating a great local community environment.

So I am on holidays for Christmas in the Blue Mountains of Sydney and was out at the Archibald pub in Kurrajong Heights and saw an immaculate black and red Honda CBX. Didn't manage to catch a glimpse of who hopped on it as they rode off.
So if that was one of you boys own up and post some photos.


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No idea about the bike, but have not been to the Blue Mountains in ages. Enjoy.


Vmax...why,yes i think i will
out walking the hounds yesterday and ran into a couple of guys down from nsw and seeing bits of victoria on their way to tasmania. couple of modern bikes but one very nice old sohc750 honda, went over to say hello and noticed the somewhat unusual gearchange system...

the guy had a dodgy left foot so he'd set it up so he could hand change with his right hand or more commonly he said he hooks his right leg up into the crook of the lever and uses that, ingenuity and engineering in one

didn't get any of their names but did warn them of where the local revenue raising traps were to be found

hope they enjoy their holidays


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