Steel City Mods Vs Rockers 2014 - August 30th - Millvale PA


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Ok folks... The date is official. Who's planning on heading down? I know it's not as big or as flashy as some other MvsR events, but it's still a good time and a great excuse to get together.

If there's enough interest (read: people willing to help out) I'll talk to the organizers and get a DTT area or tent set up.

So... Who's in?

BigAl8295 said:
I'd like to run out there, but can't plan anything this far out.

Cool. When and if you're able to commit, drop me a line. We'll find you somewhere to crash and whatnot.
Really depends on the weather...
It's a long long ride from my place!... ;D
I'm in. Just have to get the RD running rite again. Had it out last week and felt like I lost a cylinder at idle. Think it's a carb issue.
Mid O looks like it might not work for us this year - if that's the case I'll plan on this one.
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