Street ripping, pavement shredding now a KZ650 mono-shock superbike


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Re: Street ripping, pavement shredding KZ400 street tracker/cafe...slow going

Hey Buddy, you wouldnt happen to know where I can get a set of carb holders woud you? ;D


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Re: Street ripping, pavement shredding KZ400 street tracker/cafe...slow going

Well this build took a dramatic left turn...a bought a '79 KZ650 and the 400 is going to a friend. The build will be similar, but has thoroughly evolved since the last posts. The frame is at Swagger's shop getting ready for the mono-shock treatment. I ended up buying the same parts for conversion from a Kawi ZX750 to keep it all in the family. The CBR parts are for sale minus the front wheel if any are interested.

The theme of the bike will be much more classic super bike for the 650. I bought a GPZ tail cowl to build the solo seat and am trying to obtain a set of 17x3.5 and 17x5.5 spoked wheels for the truly classic look. The paint will be very vintage in style and this bike is going to fucking rock.

A quick picture of it all mocked o with the ZX7 parts:

The KZ400 is going to a good home and will likely be treated to a full updated suspension/brakes from an '08-up Ninja 250R

I should have some from updates from the fab shop after the weekend :)


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Cough! COUGH!'s almost as dusty in here as it is in my own build threads.....

As she stands as of this morning around 10am:

One KZ650 frame post grinding. I'll need some fill primer and a bit of sanding to be ready for paint but I haven't built the upper mount yet anyway...


The set-up.....


No going back now Sparky!......


Mocked up and looking sexy!


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Glad you're diggin' it fellas! The mockup is down again :( but more progress will come soon. I gotta get thee shock back in the swingarm so I can get to working on the top mount...came up with something really badass for it too.


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Well it's been a long time since this thread was updated as the project was put on hold a bit. I bought an SV650 over the summer and was content to just ride all I could :)

I found out on Monday the this build was selected for the Greasy Dozen over on ChopCult. It's a home-built builder sponsorship set up by Bear over at Old Bike Barn. It's a huge honor and we now have a dealine of June 1st to get this thing done! (details here:

since I last update we've changed direction on a few things. I snagged a set of Ducati Sport Classic wheels with 320mm Brembo brakes for a song after hunting for nearly a year...



We also decided to keep it twin shock to keep the vintage feel, but we may end up building a tubular swing arm from scratch so that it really ties together.

Here's the latest mock up to help visualize the build (ignore the black wheels and square swign arm :))


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Swag and Valvesprung:

When you take the material off the swingarm so it can fit, do you just make some new spacers? Or different needle bearings? Just wondering, was considering doing that on a build and kind of wussed out and kept it stock.

Looking great so far gents.


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Yeesh...I can't remember exactly to be honest. I'll have to kinda refresh my memory when I look at the parts again to be honest with you. However i*think* I have notes on the bearings that'll work now as some material was taken off each side. One side...a lot.

That's one thing I'd really recommend one thinks about when considering a swingarm swap. Is the one you want to use going to fit without completely re-engineering the frame or swingarm. 'Trim a little' vs 'Oh fuck it, where's my torch!?' saves you HUGE headaches, the other...not so much..

Not very helpful...huh? Sorry


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Not a problem Swagger, I thought I'd ask to see how much of a headache it really was! ;) I'm feeling good about modifying the stock swinger now... ;D


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I like "all" of these projects!! 8) This IS number 3, right? ;D

Great score on the wheels! Good choice to go back to a twin shocker! Bravo!! :D


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Well the ball is rolling again! The bike/build was recently accepted into the Greasy Dozen ( at the end of January which has me crazy excited. While it means freebies, and discounts, it also means DEADLINE! So now we're really getting cranking on the build. We've decided to go full raw stainless on the exhaust, and on the twin tube swing arm (WHAT!?!?...I know awesome right?)

I also just got my first order of parts today and got right to work:

I mounted up the new 170/60/17 and 120/70/17 Conti tires on my sexy-ass Ducati GT1000 wheels (17x3.5" front and 17x5.5" rear)



Lee (Swagger) also got the KZ650 stem swapped into the ZX7 triples and slimmed them down a bit.






Next up:
-stainless swingarm
-spacers for Duacti wheel on ZX7 axles
-front caliper brackets

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