Stripping Paint from Tight Areas


i always wind up with extra bolts leftover..
Hey guys, I know this is a simple question but its worth asking. What methods do you use to remove paint from tight corners, lips, and around tricky areas on your bikes?

I'm stripping and repainting my tank, and while its easy to remove paint with paint stripper and course sandpaper, I feel like its damn near impossible to remove it from areas on the underside or edges of the tank. Especially where you have a lip or flange running along it, around the mounting points and especially around the gas cap.

So what do you guys use? A dremel? Sandpaper, red bull, and patience?

Thanks for the recc. I've been using Rustoleum aircraft stripper on certain parts of the bike but found its really weak and does little good on this possibly oil-based paint on this tank.

I wish dremel had a bit that was made of the quick-strip material!
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