Suzuki Intruder 125 (GN125) retroracer mod


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Hey, guys! How you doing? I'm back with another bike build. Hope you like it!

This time I'll be working on a Suzuki GN125, aka Intruder 125 here in Brazil.

I got bike 2 weeks ago and I've been doing some mechanical maintenance on it.

Here's the little thing:



Vmax...why,yes i think i will
every thing you've done there has made it look better, now paint it orange, makes everything look better ( except donald trump anyway)

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Looking good for just having it a little while! Keep it up and welcome to the club! I have a GN125 myself and Ive been turning it into a bit of a scrambler. If you ever want to take a bit of the rake out, you can run longer shocks in the rear and Euro GS125 forks up front. Theyre like 2 inches shorter and really bring the front end down. They bolt on pretty easily, but youll need a new headlight bracket. Another easier solution for that look is to just put some spacers under the rear tank mounts to make everything more flat looking.

Also, not really sure why the picture posted upside down. Nor do I know how to fix it.


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