Suzuki TR500 Cafe

Thanks Big D.

Paint stripper will work fine, just a little more difficult to get in the nooks and cranies. Good luck with it.
Here are a few pics of the bike except for the rear tail light and license plate modification. I don't have a pic of that yet, but will post later. Mods underway this winter/spring are to figure out a way to mount the fairing along with a light. That fairing is too damn pretty to not be sitting on the bike.

Here is a shot from behind. I had the seat covered in leather with red thread by Duane Ballard in CA.

Here is the light I am thinking about using with the fairing when I mount it. I need something small to fit inside the fairing. I'll need to weld up a new front fairing mount to allow for the use of the light and cut a hole in the fairing.
Thanks gents. Too funny you ask, I am 6'5" :). The stretched out racing tank, low bars, seat and longer rearset pegs fit me of the advantages of building your own bike.
I thought so the seat usually have the bum stop at the upper shock mount. I'm just 5'11" I couldn't reach the bars ha! nice job, love the strokers. I think Michael Jordan had a Ducati special built for his size.
Cheers, 50gary
I wish I had had Jordon's bank account. I'd be showing pics of my 7 custom built Ducati' for each day of the week :)
Thanks Richard! Glad to see your killer 750 getting nice props here....that thing looks fast just sitting still.
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