Swap: 29 mm Keihin CR carbs for CR 26 mm? CB550f CB750


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I ordered Keihin CR 29 mm carbs from Dime City a few years ago specifying that the bike was a CB550f. DCC says they fit but I think they're too big, so does Keihin, which says CB550 is supposed to get 26 mm. I've tried to downsize jets on these a few times now and I'm still struggling not to foul plugs so I think it might be a lost cause.

Anyone have a set of 26 mm CR carbs they want to swap for 29 mm CRs? msg me if interested and I'll go over jets.

Perfect condition.

Or @DimeCity if you want be cool and take them back in exchange them for 26 mm that would be cool too.
I'm looking for a set of CR29's for a 920cc '77 Suzuki GS750, but was intending to try and trade a set of CR 31 Specials for them...

If you want to sell them, I can list a set of mine on ebay possibly, & try to move them that way. PM or email me about this.

I'm also looking to go the other way, I have 2 sets of CR31's, & the other set I'm hoping to trade for a set of CR33's for an 1135cc bored stroked GS1000 road racer.

CR 29 Specials would be the hot ticket on a road racer 550 with big cams and ported head and high compression pistons, but are a bit large to have good response on the street on a smaller engine - the GS550 and KZ/GPz550 came with VM22/TK22 carbs, for reference.... 7mm smaller. The biggest carb you can fit on an engine will only yield an advantage at the top of the tach, and only if the engine is modified to support much better breathing at that range. A fast street bike needs to be concerned more with low mid and midrange grunt. A high strung race engine build on the street is just going to seem like a sluggish poor running ill tuned old dog at low/mid rpm's until it gets up in revs substantially, but will seldom be utilized in it's happy spot.

Let me know if you figure anything out or just want to sell, and I will see about selling one set of mine and buying yours I'd they could be spaced out to GS1000/750 / KZ1000/Z1/KZ750-four spacing.


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