Swap in 069a carbs, ditch PD carbs?


I came up on a fairly clean rack of 069A carbs, and wondering if it’s worth it to throw them on my 77 550K (which has the PD carbs).

The 550 has an open 4 into 1 exhaust and pods (no airbox when I got her), and from my understanding the 069A carbs can create more power and/or are easier to dial in on a bike with open exhaust and pods.

Can I potentially get more power out of these 069A carbs on my setup? Easier to dial in?

If so, which jet sizes should I start with?

Also, would I be able to use my original intake manifolds? Or were the manifolds different for different carb types / F bikes?


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I expect the manifolds should be fine. I can't help much with the carb differences tho. I had a '76 550F but have no clue what carbs were on it.

For performance gains, you'd likely want to look at the CR's.

Pod filters on SOHC4's are always hit and miss. The box is always better to provide uniform consistent air to all 4 carbs. Pods favor cylinders 1 and 4. You'll want the best pods you can get - none of this Emgo crap.


Thanks for your input, that makes sense.

The 550F came with the 069A carbs, which were sinister to the 022A carbs, which had the vacuum ports on the manifold vs on the carbs, like the later style PD carbs.

The main benefit of the older carbs (069A and 022A), is that tuning jets are more readily available (along with some other difference), making tuning more feasible, since different size jets for the PD carbs don’t seem to exist anywhere.

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069A is the F carb, and as I understand it, they use a different manifold. I'm pretty sure you get the pumper with the 069A and not the 022A.

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