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My neighbor is a used car salesman with no lot, just a dealers license. He gets all these wonky cars and tries to sell them to idiots. Anywho, he had a taotao scooter sitting in our parking lot for months without a license plate and it finally got repo'd by the HOA. So the HOA currently has it impounded on the property. I spoke to the guy who repo'd it and he said if I pay the storage fees, it's mine. I spoke with my neighbors sister and she said they'd sell it to me. Storage fees are $50. I asked if they had a title and she said 50cc scooters don't need titles or license plates. She also claimed it was electric, and the scooter got impounded because there's no title so she doesn't know what she's talking about. So what can I do to get this scooter for cheap, legally? I know the neighbor is going to try to gouge me. But if I can legally buy it from the HOA, I would most definitely not have a title. My brother is going off to college and I want to buy him a set of wheels to scoot around on.

What do?


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Repossessed vehicles get taken back by someone who has a lien on it (e.g. the bank) under the terms of the loan agreement. Impounded vehicles just get towed away for violating laws. Private property rights like those of the HOA can be enforced this way too. Theoretically, the HOA probably could get legal ownership of it through a court but I doubt they've gone that far. Assuming they haven't, the HOA impound place has NO right to sell you the vehicle. They shouldn't be offering it to you without proof of ownership. So, you really should buy it from the neighbor first, get a bill of sale, then pay the impound fees and get possession.

As for the title issue, it depends on what state you're in. However, if your state isn't an easy title state you can title through Vermont regardless of where you live.

All the above aside, why are you interested in a chinese 50cc? I'd suggest a Honda Cub 50 or 90cc. They're incredibly common and usually cheap. Plus, when your brother and his friends inevitably beat the piss out of it you can rebuild it for him over the summer (or better yet hop it up).


Gettin my life together. One bolt. At a time.
Wealth of information thank you! And to answer the question as to why I want it... well opportunity I guess haha if it's right next door and under $100 how can I say no?


Gettin my life together. One bolt. At a time.
Also asked some of the officers at work: in Georgia a sub50cc scooter doesn't need a title or registration or plates and can be ridden on roads with a 45mph speed limit legally as long as you have a license and a helmet

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