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There's a small local shop in Tellico Plains TN, near Deals Gap, that sells awesome adventure touring gear etc.

When my buddy Dave and I were down there last fall, we stopped in as I needed new boots. I ended up buying two pairs and Dave bought a pair as well. Michael Dozier is the proprieter, is an avid rider, and a great guy on top of it all.

Just now I called him because I was in the market for a new Olympia AST jacket. Just about the best all season 3/4 length touring jacket on the market, at a reasonable price. MSRP is $299.99 on it, and Tellico sells for less than that which is a nice change.

I was going to buy at the local BMW dealership here in Toronto, but they want $425 Canadian for it, which is NUTS. eBay was another option at $289 US + shipping, but lets just say without asking for a good deal, Michael set me up with an excellent price shipped to Canada. He has shipped here before, and ships within the US and likely all over the world.

If you need anything, I'd strongly recommend checking in with Michael, and if you're lucky enough to be in the area, make sure you drop in.

And to be clear, I didn't get a deal on the jacket because I'm writing about the shop here - this is my personal opinion and I'm glad I remembered to call them up to check on the jacket. Will probably order more from him in the near future.

Support your local small dealers, but if they don't have what you need or their prices are unreasonable, give Tellico a shout.

These are my old JR boots I left behind. I think they're up on the shelf the shop along with other gear people have replaced over the years and left behind.

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