Testing CB750 stator


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My '75 750 is having a charging issue. I'm trying to test the stator to narrow down the problems but might be confused.

In this picture the white field coil wire is hooked up. The three yellows obviously are not.

In this configuration, with the bike running I thought I understood that there should be 60-70 volts AC between any two of the yellow wires. The multimeter is set to 200 ACV and I get between 0.0 and 0.1. I also tried this with the wires hooked into the circuit as normal with no change in reading (left the housing off the connector to expose the leads)

I first tested the resistance between the yellows and got 0.6 (multimeter itself tested at 0.3, and on the wires I got a reading of 0.9)

This is my diagram as of right now (some colors vary, but the circuits are there)
I also tried this with the field coil (is this what's also called the COMMON?) disconnected also with no change in reading.
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