That Was Quick!


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Wow, a new section! Dude from the original post about this to a whole new section was quick! I hope to see some interesting builds here. I'd love to do a mad-max/bobber bike. Troy needs to move his 360 here.


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Im thinking something along these lines.




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Slick looking inspiration bike!

And damn you're right about how fast we got this section created and a bunch of threads already. I haven't been online for the day, come back and it's like theres an entire forum I didn't know about. Awesome


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VonYinzer said:
Goin to pick up a running 76 xs650 tomorrow. Will most likely end up here...
Well, went and got the "650". It is not a 650, but a 76 xs500. Very different. Oh well, it runs and it was $50... Not going to bob it now though. Another cafe. Ill put some pics up when i start a new build thread for it.

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