The broke grad student '78 CB400T brat-fe build


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Hi guys, thought I'd share a project I'm wrapping up.

Bought it as a nonrunner (top end in pieces) about a year and a half ago. Got it up and running and did a few hundred miles on it and blew the motor up twice (overrevved, second time dropped the valve). Figured I'd do frame up rebuild of it. Pics of when I got it:

I built alot of parts for it. New subframe I had to fabricate. Hidden battery box, stainless 2-1 intake manifold and 2-1 unequal length collector pipes and exhaust to name a few. Same tank, with 2k primer and single stage white. Lot of random bits and pieces like shorty levers (chopped part of the original switches). Gauges are off a CB400F, from the previous owner. I just kept it that way since it's a bit beat up and funds were low. May do the gauges next, but school keeps me busy and I'm happy with it for now for a new summer daily.

Pics of it now:

Just wanted to share, wrapping up some minor things on it now and moving onto a CB350F that's been sitting since 1980 :)

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