The Distinguished Gentleman's Rides, are YOU in?


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I'm hosting one of the 13 Canadian rides ( in Sarnia, Ontario) and wondering how many are, first aware of these rides and how many of you are actually registered?
Go here for more info and locate a ride near you.


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It's a great event... this will be my third year in the Syracuse ride... providing the gs250 is done!


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You bet your little cotton tweady socks!

Looks like there's been a few Skyteam riders doing it for a few years here in Sydney.

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There's another thread for the ride in Loungin at da club:



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Local Op shop $20 kitted me out. I think I look rather dapper and the attire should add almost and extra 2kmph to my top end!


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does anyone know of anything in North Carolina. I am a middle class TIG welder but in my own right I consider myself a distinguished gentleman

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