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I was told this would be a good place to post some pics of.................










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Nope, this is not the place. Take your crap Honda with you......

Ok, /\ that up there /\ was a joke. Your bike is gorgeous, I think i saw pics on another site, looks really familiar.
Did you skin the tank or lay up a duplicate? That's lovely all the way around, how's it ride?


Anything you see in carbon has been skinned. Real 2X2 twill carbon but skinned.

BTW, It seems to perform and handle much better than stock no doubt!


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Holy mother fuck is that nice!!!! I would have liked to see the original tailpiece on the X, but fuckin A nonetheless.


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Swagger said:
Nope, this is not the place. Take your crap Honda with you......

Woah... Cool it brother. Ha ha ha

Beautiful bike man. Really top notch. Thanks for sharing. Any future projects in the works?


Holy flying fucksticks batman! WOW!

You got me, I have been in love with CBX's since I first layed eyes on one years ago. That is a nice bike you have there and i can tell a ton of work was done to it, tell us all about it!


Thanks guys for approving my build! I'm not sure where to start or what to specifically say about it. I do know that I've always loved the CBX since day one! That wide ass all motor look along with the screeching sound it makes. Whoa........sold!!! I finally got hold of this one a few years back and it's been an on going project ever since. A list of mods? Where to start? How about a few links?

Details link:'s%20Custom%201980%20CBX.htm

Build video link:

Ride/sound link:

BTW, Most of these links are older and many upgrades have been done since. Like I said, it's always an ongoing project. As far as a new project(s) in the works, I'm full of ideas but like everyone else, short on spare cash. I guess I'll have to play with the CBX a while longer!


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That is without a doubt one of the greatest sounds I have ever heard spit out of a motorcycle, well not as good as a 250cc six but its up there!!!! insane!!!!


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that thing sound great i want one i could not hold it up but i want one


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that is fantastic man... do you have any info on how you did the carbonfiber effect? that is trick as hell


JRK5892 said:
that is fantastic man... do you have any info on how you did the carbonfiber effect? that is trick as hell

Swagger PM'ed me with the same question so here's my copy and paste answer:

You might find it surprising but the CBX was my first attempt at working with carbon fiber. I have a very good background in fiberglass, bodywork, refinishing, painting etc. To put it simply, patience and determination will get you through it. I guarantee you will screw it up, waste money, get pissed off, have major fits of rage and anything else you can think of! I lived it all trying to do it!!! If you can get past all that I say, GO FOR IT!

One of the biggest tricks that will help you the most is incorporating paint in the carbon layup. Did you notice the wide black stripe that runs down the tank and tail? That's a trick I learned too late! I actuallly layed the carbon on the tank and tail in one piece! Ergggg!!! It was damn near impossible! I didn't have to! If I had done the tank and tail in two pieces of carbon I could have used the black stripe to cover the seam! So, in short, try to incorporate paint graphics/stripes into your carbon project. Not only will it be so much easier to lay up, the graphics will make the carbon pop! I believe that all carbon with nothing to break it up is too much!

As far as applying the carbon goes, I'll tell you how I did it. It may not be right but it worked. I had already sanded and primed the tank due to bodywork and welding in a GSXR fuel filler neck in the old CBX tank. I applied the carbon cloth to the tank by spraying the tank and cloth with spray contact adhesive. I VERY, VERY CAREFULLY started applying the carbon to the tank and took my time! After 2 major fuk ups and wasting $$$ I finally pulled it off! It really sucks to work with and make it look right! Like I said, if I had thought about a stripe down the middle in the first place, I could have done the job in two pieces. It would have been so much easier! The carbon cloth application is the hardest part! Once layed up clearcoating is all that's left. Lots of clear coat, lots of sanding! You can also add your graphics, stripes, decals during the clearcoat process.

Here is a link for the materials you'll need to get it done:

(BTW, One of the things I left out was I shot the tank with a quick coat of black paint before laying the carbon fiber.)

I also would like to include another option for people to try. I have never used this product before so I can't coment on how to work with it, how it looks, or what the results will look like. It does look pretty trick:

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