the final format of our Norley frame kits


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this short video shows the final format for our Norley frame kits.

that is frame, oil tank fuel tank and seat unit.

the tank maker we use now is a craftsman of the highest order. his ali tanks really take some beating quality wise. even the underneath is good.
the seat units are grp and ali, the grp stops possible cracking at the point were the hump starts which can occur on the all ali base.

we have already sold 7 kits . 4 to the gud ol U S of A.

thanks to Alan Bernard of Santiago choppers. whose bike i believe will be complete in a couple of weeks.

gone is the combined oil tank/ battery box as it looked like a huge oiltank.
we now recommend a battery such as an odessey type under the seat hump.

Harley Sportster Manx...norley frame kit.3gp




further images on the link below.
That's one nice bit of gear - whereabouts in the UK are you?

The last time I saw Brazing [ SIF Bronze?] like that was my John Tickle manx !!!! Congratulations on a superb creation.
we are close to Aberystwyth on the Welsh coast.
yes gas bronze welded using sif bronze n.o.1 rods. flux is from a flux unit with the acetylene bubbling through it
i saw a Terry Baker TAB framed Honda at Margam Park.
I hadn't realised there were such quality frame makers here in Wales
Terry passed away from cancer last year. his brother in law has taken over tank manufacture. they got off to a bit of a rocky start quality wise but are improving in leaps and bounds. they were at my place today as they are only 15 miles away.

we have terrys tab jig at our shop.

Where in Wales are you?
you are welcome to visit if you would like a look around.
I'm above Bridgend in the Garw Valley.
Sorry to hear about Terry Baker.
If I'm out that way I'll definitely take you up on your offer. :) :)
I once watched in wonderment as my pal's Grandfather [ then 65 ] - brazed up my then cutting edge [ 1963 ? ] 650 Triumph Sprinter frame - I was frightened to do anything to it after that in case my own skills didn't match up !

Yep - credit to you.
When will the Harley be up and running? Such a nice combination of old and new world.
I've just put a question on 0800 help regarding attaching a fairing mount stub to a head stock, you can probably answer it in your sleep though!
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