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Miss her*

She hadn’t had a press conference in like 90 days. When will we see Trump again?


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And why is Chump so hard on Iran selling oil? To push up demand and pricing for OPEC so his Saudi investors will reward him. So people are saying.
carnivorous chicken said:

In what is yet another disturbing (attempt, hopefully) to abuse power, Trump is using executive privilege to maintain secrecy on documents related to the "citizenship question" for the census. About three or four weeks ago the NYT ran a story about the architect of the program, who in notes accessed by his daughter after his death he clearly stated that the citizenship question was a way to reduce democratic voter turnout, as legal immigrant citizens -- who lean democratic -- would not answer the census and thus the census would overrepresent Republicans. It's similar to those who hoot and holler about voter ID laws who either don't consider the effects -- lower turnout by minorities, who also lean democratic -- or don't care. Similarly, voter fraud is essentially a non-issue in the US, and so is a census without a citizenship question.

The SCOTUS ruled against this, fortunately, with John Roberts siding with liberal justices and essentially calling out the Trump administration for trying to BS the reason for adding it.

Unfortunately the SCOTUS ruled that gerrymandering was constitutional, in a case that featured North Carolina -- where the population is about evenly split between Dems and Reps, but where gerrymandered districts give Reps 10 out of 13 seats.

"David Lewis, one of the Republican legislative leaders, said in 2016 that even though the state was about evenly divided between the parties, he was proposing a map drawn with the aim of electing 10 Republicans and three Democrats — and that was only because he didn’t “believe it was possible to draw a map with 11 Republicans and two Democrats.”"


SCOTUS announced it will hear the DACA case in Oct.
Apologise to the princess for someone telling the truth about her father - the first king of the US since 1776. What is going on here?

Is this some sort of warp in the fabric of time?

In case all the dog whsitling wasn't enough, here's some undeniable proof of the President of the United States' racism. Three of the women of color who he singled out are native-born Americans. This is fucking disgraceful.
And then he tries to play the victim by claiming they attacked him and Israel and should apologize for it. The man is delusional.
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