"the Possum Motorcycle Gathering" in East Tennessee


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A member of our vintage MC club is putting this on. Already has interest all the way from New Mexico, and several vintage magazines.


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Day 2 of the Gathering of Possums is in the books. For those that may wonder how the name came to be, there is a prestigious vintage motorcycle show in California with linen table cloths, wine and cheese, etc. for the elite collectors. I believe it is called "the Quail". Well, ours was in a fair grounds with a moonshine distillery on the other side of the river that flows by. We had camping and a barbecue vendor for food. Tennessee is a bit less elite, but we had fun!

Day 2 photos are here: https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/9rgcSCy9SAGnNpTuPN7Ztg.PsPbN9lZp-mh9MkPY73p5i


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I'd like to see that Briggs Royal Enfield conversion up close. Nice bikes in that bunch. I thought about heading that way but the weather forecast wasn't good in this area. It poured all day Saturday and we stayed at home.

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