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You've been mostly-dead all day.
kopcicle said:
Only to have her '77 Doge Colt take a dump. The "MA"904 is still an A904 , just smaller. A pain in the ass anyway. R&R transmission was a whole lot more fun when I was in my 20's.
I don't even want to get under there and shim the starter on my truck.


And 4772 pages of 2009 Nissan Cube. The CVT is a screaming POS .
That's a long term project that isn't going to foul the lift so I'll just whimper in silence.
I may finally get some time and bench space to rebuild the "alcoholic".
Yes I still have all the top end pieces waiting for finish machine work.
I have a rolling chassis save for a bit of front end spacing. The calipers still foul the rotor a tint bit. It just needs time.
The tapered needle bearings are in the steering head .
The swing arm bearings were installed without damaging the powder coat.
The Dunlop and the wheel were finally mated and the wheel moved over to center.
The two into one is temporarily mounted and all the adapter pieces are on hand to get from the collector to wtfever I'm going to use for a "non-muffler"
The old "mule motor" actually still runs but smokes. No small wonder. That build dates back to the previous century.

For anyone that hasn't done this it sounds like a solid start. For anyone that has done this the to do list just gets longer...


Split personality, I fake being smart
Coo, you been busy. second project re-started after 2~3yr break (spotthedogg 360 back )

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