The Skyteam Ace Corner :Discuss the setup


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Many thanks to Tim for finding us a corner.

Question is how would we all like it structured?

Discuss, I'm off to bed :)

Tim said:
Yup - you guys can create brand new topics within the area of course, and if you want I can create entire sub-sections within the space for different discussions like I have the rest of the site organized if you want SkyTeam specific selling threads etc.


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If you guys start creating new threads (like I see happening) things may fall into place themselves.

You'll probably want an area to discuss meetups, if there are groups of you close to each other. Maybe a discussion for online resources for parts/info specific to the bike, another for manuals/literature...

I can always move threads into these newly designated areas as they are required. So just start new threads as normal, and when it makes sense we can create new boards within this area and move the threads into those boards.

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Thanks for our new home Tim!

These things seem to work out better when allowed to grow organically rather than having a structure imposed at the start.

Who knows where it will lead!


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