THE STREETSWEEPER CB200 with KX 450 motor


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Seat pan taking shape.
Im no panel beater or sheetmetal worker and was going for a tracker seat but ended up with this.
I used a Hyundai iLoad tailgate and a Holden Cruise bonnet from the local Smash repairs and cut sections out to make it on an original CB200 seat pan to retain the hinges.
We were able to re-use the foam and seat cover. (not glued down yet)


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The seat and exhaust back on.
The seat still has to have the factory lower trim put back on to finish it off.
I have to do lights next.


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Did you get this beast on the road for the DGR?

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Yes we did DGR on Sunday.
She is Faaaast.
Only had the gear shifter fall off 100m from a swap meet so got a M6 bolt and carried on.


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Gold Coast, Queensland
Fancy that. I will have to keep an eye out for you.
Would be cool to see the bike in person.
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