Things I designed then built in my prior career + a few current ones for fun...


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Do you have a website ? Do you sell any of your work ? Are you interested in taking on work / making chosen items ?


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spotty said:
one solution i've heard of to grafitti-proof fencing etc is to paint it the colour of your choice (or leave it in natural finish) then get clear bathroom silicon from the hardware shop, put loads on a rag and then wipe it all over the fence, if you cover the whole thing with a thin 'smear' of silicon, not only will it protect the finish/paint underneath, any paint that is applied over the silicon will bead up and not set or just run straight off
yeah. There's also some anti graffiti paint coating available for the same purpose...however it's just fighting an uphill battle. So when I finally do put in a fence it will be slotted so its not an attractive surface for an aspiring graff artist. I'm not even against graffiti, but I am when it's on a house rather than an industrial building wall or abandoned building.


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Most legit graffiti artists won't put art on homes out of respect. It's the vandals (not real artists) that do that. Sucks.

To the OP- you're an artist! Amazing work.


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I'm aware of that, I wrote for long time (early 90's till it became a felony in Philly), but there's idiots in miami who don't understand those principals.


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Speechless! That is a real talent! I love the first gate with all the squares. The tree gate is just gorgeous and that bunker door etc. is just absolutely amazing! Good job man.


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Some people TALK about designing nice things.

You DO it.

Very impressive, to say the least.

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