Throttle cable doesn't fit


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Apologies if I've chosen the wrong section to post this. But I'm having difficulties trying to set up my throttle cables.
I'm using an aftermarket throttle but want to keep the original cables as theres nothing wrong with them and the sizing is perfect. But the thread coming off the end of one of the cables doesn't fit into the throttle itself. How would I go about making this work? Photos are below




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It would help to know what the bike is and where you got your throttle. It would also help to know if the cable threaded end is too large or too small for the throttle boss. It's hard to gauge aspect in a pic when one object is held closer to the lens.

Seems pretty straight forward though, either the cable or the throttle just ain't gonna work.


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The thread off the cable is too large for the hole on the throttle.

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Or just drill out the thread in the throttle housing so the thread of the cable guide slides into it.

If the cable is properly tensioned it won't fall out.

Or just not use that cable - it's the return cable, yes?

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