Tie downs


Got more of these in, anyone interested??
$12.00 pair (two straps)

Post and package anywhere in Canada $3.00
Cash (risky) personal cheque.

This is a set(pair) of soft tie down straps. They are 18" long and have a twisted eye on one end for an untangled tie down. Breaking strength is 1,500 LBS. This is an ideal set up so you don't scratch your handle bars on you street bike or dirt bike and it keeps the metal hooks on your ratchet straps away from the paint or chrome.
I've used mine for the last two years on my race bike and have yet to have a problem.
Colours are BLACK, BLUE, RED just like in the picture.
Hi Ian, sorry but all that's left is red, blue, black, and one pair of orange (amazing what you find when you look).
So, if any of those will do then send me a PM and we can go from there.
Thanks for the interest.

Cheers, Graham
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