Time Warp Tea Room Knoxville, TN end of an era


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Unless something big happens, Tuesday June 28th will be the last gathering at the Time Warp. But, the bikes will still gather! Last meeting, it was voted to gather at Twisters about 0.7 miles North of the Time Warp at the corner of Central and Quincy. Has a nice parking lot, their food is popular, and they have invited us and will stay open later for us on Tuesdays. Of course, things may change as Dan gets little communication from the new owners in California. The club will be having its normal monthly meeting this Tuesday, also. Wishing Dan and Peggy an awesome retirement! BTW, if you are anywhere nearby, all are welcome to look at bikes, BS with vintage bikers, sample some of the coffee, tea, soft drinks, smoothies, sandwiches etc. that is available. And look at all of the great motorcycle and racing memorabilia that Dan has collected through the years.
My photos are not great, but hopefully will convey the large crowd there last night to see Dan, Peggy, and the Time Warp Tea Room off to retirement. So many bikes (all but one ridden in - that was Dan's chopper rolled out from the back of the Tea Room).

>>>We will continue to gather ~0.7 miles further North on Central (corner for Central and Quincy) at Twisters each Tuesday starting next week.<<<


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More. Check April Violet's FB posts for video out front.


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Last night was the first at Twisters. It was packed! Everyone stayed inside sucking up the AC (hot and humid outside), enjoying their good food, and enjoying the conversations. We will work something out eventually to provide shade for the bikes. One suggested parking in the shade of the deserted building across the street.
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