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Ok folks... Looking for some help here. Buddy picked up a no-title Buell Blast. It's a 2007 (which is the issue methinks). He attempted to go the VT route but due to it's age they require a copy of the original title, which doesn't exist. Sooo...

Anyone have any other options here? PA is a pain in the ass.

Shoot me a text at 724seven09four122 if you have any ideas (no matter how many times I enable them, I never get alerts here).

Thanks folks,


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No matter the state, he will need a notarized bill of sale. Have local police or sheriff run the VIN. That's a start. Many state will then permit a bonded title. Tennessee has a pdf form to fill out, but on a newer bike he should make the effort to track down title or a notarized statement. "He left me with bills so I sold his bike" won't cut it without a copy of a court document awarding it. "Son killed in Afganastan" would only require a court award of assets or will. "Left by deadbeat tenant" would require court award. I bought an out of state RD400 on notarized BOS stating title lost over 20 year storage and titled it successfully in Tennessee after filling in the form and deputy checking VIN. I've heard Penn likes running you through mazes and then denying.

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PA is the worst state to deal with on title issues. PA gave me hell getting my title on a vehicle I financed while living in PA, then I moved to Georgia and paid it off. Their titles don't actually exist on paper, and you have to write to PennDot to receive a paper copy after the car is paid off. So, the PennDot and Georgia DMV systems clashed and I had to go through a month long ritual to get our title transferred. There is no way to reconstruct a title in PA. It's a parts bike as far as PA is concerned, unfortunately. PennDot purges vehicle information after 10 years, so it can also be really hard to get a lost title on older vehicles, since the state no longer has record of the vehicle ever existing. This makes the lost title situation nearly impossible on older stuff. The only option in your friend's case, afaik, is to petition the Court of Common Pleas. No way in a hell a Buell Blast is worth that effort.

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