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hey guys, first timer from Atlanta here. I have a 34 year old bike and I was wondering if I need a title to have it registered. no title because it was a, "if you can haul it off you can have it" kind of bike that my dad found. asking you guys since we are all hopefully from Atlanta. maybe you jokers can shed some light on the situation. thanks
Savannian here. Had to get the bike inspected before i could register it. Cop came out, checked the blinkers and vin. Doubt youll have to do it but be prepared. Also, make sure the state gets your vin and reg numbers right. Good god man the nightmare i went thru with GA randomly suspending my reg because they got my vin mixed up 3 times.
good deal. the bike doesn't run right now. its been sitting since '01. thanks for the info. be well.
here's a terrible picture of the old girl.


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If it has been registered in Georgia at some point in it's past all you need is a bill of sale, if not you need to have it's VIN verified and signed off on by the police, then the bill of sale should be fine. No title needed.
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