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Has anyone done this:

My current project bike is a cb450 cafe racer, frame has been modified for rear hoop and tabs have been cut off. I have a stock frame that I wanted to use as a transplant for cafe racer parts to make near stock again...issue is one is titled and current and the other is not. After speaking with someone at DMV the stock frame has back fees of almost 700$ (I have bill of sale but it was never put in my name) and has not dropped out of the system so getting a title is not as straight forward as I thought.

Here's my idea, I want the VIN from the current bike but need the frame/tabs from the stock frame, is there any reason I can't cut and weld the neck onto the donor bike? I may be able to cut and weld the back hoop only but I even shaved off the seat lock and tank mount tabs, etc.

Feedback is welcome.


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I don't have a problem with what you want to do, you are basically swapping all the "Good parts" to the titled neck.


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I punched out the plate, ground off the numbers, restamped the good frame, and riveted in the plate. easy swap.

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Which is technically illegal, but I have done the same thing to my chopper which doesn't come with a manufacturer's VIN. I used the VIN from a stock, titled 77 frame to title and register the chopper frame.


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What state are you in? Since this is a title issue it is dependent on state law. I assume, though, that most would allow what you're planning on doing. I think there are typically statutes preventing tampering with the VIN plate itself (Ohio has one for example) but transplanting the neck should be okay.


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Changing the neck is not illegal if you own it. All you are doing is fixing a damaged frame. Ive had cars fixed by insurance that might have well been vin swaps with how much has been swapped to new


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Juzt make sure you can weld it safe or have it done safe. Thats like the mozt important stressed member of the frame lol


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Good info, thanks everyone. I plan on having a professional cut and weld, after looking at the stock frame I wonder where the best place to cut would be...


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If I was doing it I would jig the frame up, including a pointer through the headstem to a base piece to ensure correct refit. I would then cut the frame in the middle of the top bar and the middle of the down bar and then reassemble it with plugs in both bars and then tig it all together. I would stress relieve the welds before removing it from the jig though.

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