Ton Up festival @ Cafe Racer YPSI


Been Around the Block
YUP, its that time again. October 1st at their shop in Ypsilanti MI. Noon start time

Ill be there with a small booth and a couple bikes on display with some parts as well. Hope to meet some members out there!!!
Look for Old School Speed...
I so wish I could be there! These guys are awesome, and their shop is what its all about. They do a lot of cool stuff and other shops should take notes on how they are doing it. I wish I lived closer, we moved from Sterling Heights Mi to Indiana 3years ago. Not so easy to make it back.
Thanks for the heads up mang....
I have been wanting to check out their shop for a while now and I will be sure to hit up your booth
I need me some rearsets for a cb/cl 350....word on the site is you are the man to talk too!
Im trying to be the GO-TO guy in these.
Ton Up days was pretty sweet. The Shop is great. I havent been there before this event, and they made me feel like I worked there. (but in a good way LOL)

I think teh cold kept alot of long distance guys away, but it still turned out to be a good day.
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