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Red Ace

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Since the name of the website is dotheton...
And we all knowour Ace's will never make the ton...

What is the closest you got to the ton?
In other words: top speed? state your top speed and the mods to get to that speed.

- 105 km/h (free flow exhaust, no EGR things, rest= stock) -

With a bit of headwind. Almost helmet glued to the petrol tank.

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You also should list what bike you were using. I am hoping to achieve the ton on my 450 but it is a long way from there now. ;)

Red Ace's post is in the SkyTeam 'Ace' section.

We're just under DTT Canada in the Regional Info area. For some unfathomable reason these bikes are not available in the USofA or Canuckistan.

As the motor is a CG125 clone doing the ton is pretty well out the question.

My bike is currently setup as follows:

-No EGR (manifold screw has been made to sit flush with interior wall and blocked off smoothly with JB weld, in order to not disturb airflow)
- Performance CDI without rev limiter (it cuts out at 14000 Rpm, but I wouldn't be here talking with you if I had reached that number with a 1970's OHV pushrod engine ;D ;D)
-38mm K&N Performance filter with interior rubber boot in the form of a velocity stack
-Stainless steel header from Ooracing and reverse cone megaphone from classic & Co in the U.K.
-Stock carburetor with 50 pilot/ 100 main jet (slightly rich down low, but about right at high rpms)
-15 teeth front sprocket and 34T rear aluminum sprocket for a taller gear ratio. (stock is 15/38)
-small, foldable handlebar mirrors in folded position to reduce drag.

Going downhill on a mountain road, achieved 130+ km/h marked on the speedometer( well not marked because it only goes to 120, but the needle pointed a little further than where 130 should have been), by literally resting the chin of the helmet on the tank an in full tuck mode.

''Real'' GPS verified speed, using cellphone app, indicates 124 km/h.

At that point, I was having valve float and all around misfires, so cut back on the throttle to avoid wrecking the engine.
The Cafe Interceptor has hit 178KPH (verified by GPS) on a long smooth Washington road. Elevation was a bit over 2000 above sea level. Can you imagine what could be achieved at sea level?
Peak gps recorded speed I have is 123.3 kph still air on salt lake lake gairdner speed week . Best times flying 1/4 mile 75.000 mph

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Gps was on a slower run. May have gone a bit faster than this on my best flying 1/4 mile

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Heading down our local 10 percent incline range, I got an indicated 120km/h on my stock as a rock brand new bike, with no mods. (and I weigh 143kg....) Couldn't believe that this bike that is supposed to do 82 was going that fast. When road levelled the bike sat on 105/110. I'm not believing this, so turned around and went back up the hill (slowly...) but on the flat prior got 85km/h- so the bike has enough power to maintain 105km/h but not enough to get there! :)
Not really comparable since my bike is now a 150, but it will do 110-120km/h on the flat and maintain a bit over 100km/h up even steep hills (Mt. Ousley in NSW).

The 150 conversion makes a huge difference the bike's performance,

The next most important change is the exhaust (with re-jetting to suit). All the readily available replacements are sub-optimal, to put is as kindly as possible.

They are either too short or too large in diameter or, in the majority of cases, both.

bonester said:
I quite like the standard exhaust. :)

If you have a long 18mm drill bit (or whatever you have that will fit into the exhaust exit) drill a hole through the rear baffle. It de-restricts somewhat while not increasing the loudness much.

a short big bore header with no muffler at all just sucks. does sound loud though.. was worth a try. lost top end.
i have added a baffle to my emgo pipe with not so large header and did not reduce power. can't show pics as was made by exhaust guy
Got the front cat out. One in the muffler looks tricky to get out without cutting muffler open. Any tricks to doing this? ???
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