Top speed?


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Thanks. Went through 22 pages of resource and must have missed it. I did see pics where stroker crazy modded his muffler with what looks like a rectangular section cut out and rewelded. Not a good enough welder here to try that. I want it to retain its standard look also. Might end up rewelding pipe with only front cat gone. :(


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that was what i was on about. sorry it was no help could try the big ass drill and hope for the best method after cutting off the muffler from the pipe,,,, the only problem i have with retaining original header is the crush points on the bends on the internal pipe inside header... almost blocks pipe .however you mod the original pipe it will give a power gain. the bike starts off at 4.8 hprw.. so there is a lot of gains to be had. triple of that figure is obtainable if you don't hand grenade it first
latest mod in my book is going back to a well ported 125 head(thanks mick) on a 150 bore.. this gives much better compression ratio and is fine at 98 ron fuel not tried running 91 might ping a bit
we are all(or most are) back yard players . so we are not ferari mechanics, have fun use this as a guide , but make common sense decisions for your bike as it is not all bible

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Thanks for your advice. I ended up just front catless and it does run considerably better. Amazing how crap these are out of the box as a result of pollution stuff. As if a 125 is going to pollute much! ::) I've got a big bore next which hopefully will fit. (not ooracing- ebay and lots cheaper)


Hi Bonester, have you got a link to the ebay seller so I can purchase one? Thanks Dave.


yep, i did it. no excuse.
273KMH nice stretch between prince george and hixon bc, completely stock bike ! albeit a 2007 gsxr750. 75 honda cb360 got up to around 80kmh wich seemed abit scarier at the time!


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goodas40 said:
Hi Bonester, have you got a link to the ebay seller so I can purchase one? Thanks Dave.

Hope it fits! :) Cheap though. :)


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A few weeks ago I got my Ace up to 120km/h but this time with a GPS in hand I found the speedo is about 15km/h optimistic... :(


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113kph on the GPS, 120kph on friend's cb500 tach!
Race Exhaust, blanked EGR, Jets and... That's it.

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pidjones said:
Must be a '70s Honda copy.
A little late to the party, huh? Yes, the Skyteam Ace is a Chinese clone of a Honda Dream 50 / RC110 / CR110.

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